Responsible conduct of gambling

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Responsible conduct of gambling skye ute casino

What kind of work could I do? Participants who successfully complete this course will receive an interim RCG certificate that allows them to work immediately in licensed Gaming venues across NSW except for the Kings Cross sector in Sydney. We have already initiated a schedule and action plan for the FSS and venue.

Both forms of gambling are relevant to the hospitality industry. If it is casino the broadband valid, you cannot work any role which requires that certification, until responsible conduct of gambling obtain an interim certificate or photo competency card. I thought I understood Food Safety having done classes several years ago, but was amazed at how much I didnt know The above list includes units being offered at OTEN. Thank you for all your help and professional assistance. My compliments to Peter on responding to repsonsible enquiries expeditiously.

The Responsible Conduct of Gambling course focuses on harm minimisation requirements, detection of problem gambling, the proper communication with and. If you have a special employee licence you must do a Responsible Conduct of Gambling course. Provide Responsible Gambling Services - RCG training, is a mandatory course for individuals employed in the gaming industry or at gaming venues. In NSW.

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